Thursday, December 23, 2010

redefine pretty, underline pretty with a highlighter pen and rewrite it

vivienne westwood black jersey dress, susan james jacket, rocket dog shoes, grandmother's leather gloves, new look hairslide, anonymous black tights 

It's snowing here in Sunderland! Which, although it does mean everytime I step out the door my fingers start to freeze, results in very pretty scenery. Plus, this is real snow and not the weird crystals that fall out of the sky in Beijing. Not joking. Oh and see my shoes there? Yeah. Those are new. As is the rest of the outfit, come to think of it.

exclusive photo shoot location: in front of the garden shed

preparing for the attacking crows
And, for anyone in Sunderland (or that kind of area), I have a shop recommendation.
It is called Corner 93 and I love it! Like, seriously. You go in and there's this wonderful old fashioned kind of feeling, there aren't stacks and stacks of clothes but a good selection, and I kind of prefer that. You don't have to root around through impenetrable piles, you can just browse casually through the racks (please stop me if my writing becomes too annoying. Because I kind of want to punch myself right now.). There's little touches everywhere like a folding screen in one corner and a headless mannequin in the changing room, which in retrospect sounds..well, creepy, but it wasn't particularly.

Well, while I was there I picked up a vintage dress, a Vivienne Westwood Anglomania black jersey dress, and a Susan James coat thing. God, listen to me, I "picked up" a vintage dress. Reaching new levels of pretentiousness there, guys. I'll stop with the writing and stick with pictures. Not that they're any better.
rocket dog!

these are my new school shoes (aka the only shoes I really wear regularly)

Yknow, I actually don't like posts with lots of photos that never seem to end (on other people's blogs *cough*) but..I'm terrible at whittling the selection down. So here are a few more!
*freeze into this position til the spring thaw*

outfit in the mirror photo! takes me back to last year..
bow hairslides are my new lazy hairstyle

I have to go find my old writing style. I think I left it somewhere around here.



  1. Great outfit.
    I love the cape :)

  2. I use Photoshop for the gif animation.
    If you don't have photoshop you should google gif animation online or sth. like this and you'll find a program which can do this.
    Hope I helped a bit :)


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