Monday, December 6, 2010

curse "45 day free trials" of software.

Well, hey guys.
I'm back to being proxy-less and having to email posts onto the blog.
But that's not important. Nobody wants to hear about my winzip woes *sob*
-grey scarf from
-American Apparel white multi layered reversible petticoat (worn as a
top kind of thing)
-leather skirt (originally my grandmother's..I KNOW RIGHT.)
-grey flower print tights from River Island
-Clarks black patent ballet flats
-a loose shirt with swirly colours whose brand name escapes me (unseen
because it's underneath the petticoat.)

So, adventures in alternate uses for the petticoat! I really love my
(oh how I relish being able to call a petticoat MINE) petticoat
because, as you know, I love all things frothy and fluffy and
dramatic, but I didn't want to wear it as a skirt AGAIN. So I put it
on my shoulders, and enjoyed the general swinginess of it.
Oh ye gods, I have a headache.



P.S I'm not completely focused right now so the post may have
been..okay, nevermind, I can barely construct a sentence.

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