Tuesday, December 28, 2010

drawing bomb

From top: Me, me (narcissism gone mad), Susie Bubble (of www.stylebubble.co.uk), ditto.
Paper courtesy of my brother.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


This is a total filler post. I just like the whole ethereal, isolated vibe in these photos. Not that I could ever pull it off because well, I lack the blond, willowy, serene beauty required, seeing as I'm a puffy-haired, brunette midget with a face that looks constantly grumpy.
Anyone have a link to watch the Virgin Suicides? It looks and sounds really good.

OH I almost forgot it's Christmas Day (capitalisation warranted) and therefore I should write some sort of message wishing goodwill on everyone.
Merry Christmas, guys.


P.S The only reason I'm posting on Christmas Day is because I have nothing to do while waiting for the Christmas Dinner (capitalisation also warranted, sidenote: dinner=lunch where I am right now) to be cooked/served.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

redefine pretty, underline pretty with a highlighter pen and rewrite it

vivienne westwood black jersey dress, susan james jacket, rocket dog shoes, grandmother's leather gloves, new look hairslide, anonymous black tights 

It's snowing here in Sunderland! Which, although it does mean everytime I step out the door my fingers start to freeze, results in very pretty scenery. Plus, this is real snow and not the weird crystals that fall out of the sky in Beijing. Not joking. Oh and see my shoes there? Yeah. Those are new. As is the rest of the outfit, come to think of it.

exclusive photo shoot location: in front of the garden shed

preparing for the attacking crows
And, for anyone in Sunderland (or that kind of area), I have a shop recommendation.
It is called Corner 93 and I love it! Like, seriously. You go in and there's this wonderful old fashioned kind of feeling, there aren't stacks and stacks of clothes but a good selection, and I kind of prefer that. You don't have to root around through impenetrable piles, you can just browse casually through the racks (please stop me if my writing becomes too annoying. Because I kind of want to punch myself right now.). There's little touches everywhere like a folding screen in one corner and a headless mannequin in the changing room, which in retrospect sounds..well, creepy, but it wasn't particularly.

Well, while I was there I picked up a vintage dress, a Vivienne Westwood Anglomania black jersey dress, and a Susan James coat thing. God, listen to me, I "picked up" a vintage dress. Reaching new levels of pretentiousness there, guys. I'll stop with the writing and stick with pictures. Not that they're any better.
rocket dog!

these are my new school shoes (aka the only shoes I really wear regularly)

Yknow, I actually don't like posts with lots of photos that never seem to end (on other people's blogs *cough*) but..I'm terrible at whittling the selection down. So here are a few more!
*freeze into this position til the spring thaw*

outfit in the mirror photo! takes me back to last year..
bow hairslides are my new lazy hairstyle

I have to go find my old writing style. I think I left it somewhere around here.


Monday, December 20, 2010

honeycomb socks

(which also happens to be my tumblr, for those interested)
with my eternally stylish footwear choices


These are my dreams socks. Seriously. Look at all the multicoloured joy!


P.S Complete filler post, sorry. My forehead feels like one giant bruise and my jaw, mystifyingly, aches whenever I move it. So, yeah. Went shopping today, I promise that (one day) I'll do an outfit post!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

you never give me your money, you only give me your funny paper

This is my first post for Fashion Click *high pitched squeal*
-greyish cardigan from my grandmother
-grey wool skirt from my mother
-flower print tights from River Island
-brown leather oxford shoes from my aunt
-red fake glasses from Taiwan
-floral bow from Primark
That's possibly the least cool outfit I could've put together, as half
of the clothes were given to me by members of my family, but you know
what? I'm not very cool anyway. But you knew that already.
Anyway, this outfit started with the skirt. It was long, wooly, grey
and reminiscent of something a...more mature teacher at my school
would wear. In other words, I loved it. This entire outfit is really
quite unflattering but I really don't care.
Oh, and as I write this I'm sitting in Beijing Airport (that's
probably not the official name but..oh wait, it is.) waiting for my
flight so sorry if I sound rushed/harried/exhausted. *shriek of
frustration* This writing isn't good enough for Teen Vogue, is it? I
sound so unprofessional and well, I sound like..me. On a bad day.
Have to put that in so that it goes onto Fashion Click.
I may re-write this.

Monday, December 6, 2010

curse "45 day free trials" of software.

Well, hey guys.
I'm back to being proxy-less and having to email posts onto the blog.
But that's not important. Nobody wants to hear about my winzip woes *sob*
-grey scarf from taobao.com
-American Apparel white multi layered reversible petticoat (worn as a
top kind of thing)
-leather skirt (originally my grandmother's..I KNOW RIGHT.)
-grey flower print tights from River Island
-Clarks black patent ballet flats
-a loose shirt with swirly colours whose brand name escapes me (unseen
because it's underneath the petticoat.)

So, adventures in alternate uses for the petticoat! I really love my
(oh how I relish being able to call a petticoat MINE) petticoat
because, as you know, I love all things frothy and fluffy and
dramatic, but I didn't want to wear it as a skirt AGAIN. So I put it
on my shoulders, and enjoyed the general swinginess of it.
Oh ye gods, I have a headache.



P.S I'm not completely focused right now so the post may have
been..okay, nevermind, I can barely construct a sentence.