Saturday, November 20, 2010

storage methods for accessories

I fully admit to having a very messy room. The floor is covered in clothes, pieces of string and schoolbooks. My cupboard is the size of a shoebox and so I've had to come up with alternative methods to store my favourite things-to-put-on-my-head so that they're easy to access when I'm shuffling around half asleep in the mornings.

 That book with the bow and (the pride of my collection of useless things) the giant paperclip is How Sassy Changed My Life. A really interesting book, it's one of the books I'm reading/re-reading (along with He's a Stud, She's a Slut; The Feminine Mystique and Girl Power).

This is completely off topic but if anyone wants to talk about feminism, email me! It would be good to learn more about it and have conversations with people who..understand it and identify as feminists.

Anyway, I don't believe this bow has been on the blog before! note- I may be wrong because I've been told that I have the memory of a goldfish with a concussion.



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