Saturday, November 27, 2010

second hand dreams

It's very cold. And I'm incredibly unsuitably dressed.
jumper from Armani, clutch from Louis Vuitton, sheer tights from a random department store, skirt from Next, shoes from Clarks
this was not posed, I promise! it was just a combination of my famously odd facial expressions and my general inelegance
Okay, first of all I would just like to say that my wardrobe is not bursting at the seams with Louis Vuitton and Armani, these are the only designer things I own, to be honest. The jumper (not sweater! jumper!) is a hand me down from a cousin that I've never met and the clutch was a present from my aunt, who used to work at Louis Vuitton.

the background is..a curtain. looks okay though, right?
I was kind of going for the prim, proper, ladies-who-lunch kind of look here. But, as you can see, my hair is not...controlled and prim and my half-asleep face doesn't fit the bill either. Therefore, I've decided to rename this look "insomniac housewife who's trying desperately to keep up appearances" (probably influenced by my recent reading of The Feminine Mystique - I have housewives on the mind).

I'm pretty hard on my shoes.

And, the perfume in the shoes? I did that because I thought the colours looked pretty together (and that, my friends, is the deciding factor in most things I do). Oh, I do realise that the blue tag thingy is still on the zipper but..that's because I'm fairly neurotic. 
Seriously, you should read the mini leaflet that comes with Louis Vuitton products. It's like a horror novel, only with bags/clothes dying, and not people.



P.S Too weird?


  1. lovely look!

    have you already joined my giveaway?? :)

    love&rockets, Lie

  2. The skirt looks adorable with the flats (:


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