Wednesday, November 3, 2010

pancakes, soy sauce and goosebumps

jacket from taiwan, skechers boots, AA petticoat, cache cache knit dress, Primark bow, market stall bow.

For consistency's sake, I've decided to try and make sure my outfit shots from here on out are all set in my garden. This was an outfit born out of a desire to wear something flouncy, an intolerance to cold and an irrational love of bows.
I'm especially proud of the double bow action going on there, I used my extensive DIY skills to actually clip one bow onto another. And yes, that deserved both bold and italic settings.

Okay, I was going to post more pictures as well as write a few more useless, rambling paragraphs, but my internet has a curfew and that curfew is fast approaching.
Oh, and my feminism article from the last post had a response coming from a boy in the year above me, Year 10. He wrote, and this is the gist of it, "Girls who have lots of sex can be called sluts, but guys who have lots of sex should be called something else: legends." I admit to having shrieked when reading that and asking the people around me how someone could be so ignorant. Well, okay, my words were more like, "How can he write something like that and NOT want to kill himself?" but in all fairness, how has nobody noticed that he's maybe just a TOUCH sexist? Anyone except me and my friends? No?
Anyway, I will publish this unfinished post and come back tomorrow to...polish it.



I have to start thinking of better sign-offs.

UPDATE: I'm back, everybody. Picture time.

I was told that this skirt makes me look like, and I quote, "a house". I stand by my petticoat.

my beautiful, pristine boots


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