Friday, November 12, 2010

my tiny pink hat

the title is self explanatory, really.
I found the object in question while browsing through a market -the kind of place that sells wigs, jewellery, korean sweets disguised as medicine- along with a bow which I will...probably show some other time. Yes.

Bask in it's glorious uselessness. Because really, what use could anyone have for a tiny pink hat?
And to that I say...

It's the perfect size for the top of a soft drink can! (And, yes, that is Sarsaparilla, drink of the gods.)
That, and the fact that it's really quite funny to see the look of confusion on people's faces followed by: "Why would you need a tiny pink hat?". Well, I don't NEED a tiny pink hat, but I do like having one, just in case of emergencies (tiny people in dire need of a hat because it's snowing, cold chihuahuas, the usual stuff).

And this is my storage method for all bows, hats, etc. Stick 'em on a stuffed lion.
I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while, and nor has my absentee co-blogger *glare* but I'll be seeing her today, so I'll be sure to nag her.



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