Saturday, November 13, 2010

I need to work on my facial expressions.

the classic "get this over with I'm so tired that I can barely open my eyes" expression
Winter has come, everybody. Kind of. Anyway, for me, I can no longer prance around in a summery dress with a bow in my hair anymore, oh no, I have to prance around in TWO summery dresses with a furry leopard print hat on my head. Such is life.
-furry leopard print hat, gift from grandmother
-grey scarf,
-flowery lace top, New Look
-rose patterned dress, Wudaokou
-purple-ish dress (I need to expand my vocabulary), Bhs
-black boots, Skechers
-flower pattern bracelet, um..Japan.
the celebrated "hey, there's a weird looking leaf! oh right, its on a timer." expression
In other news, I have perfect my DIY skills to a fine art, and have graduated from clipping one bow on top of another to actually using a safety pin pin the first dress onto the second dress. My creativity knows no bounds, world!

Okay, in all seriousness, I'm actually quite proud of this picture. I quite like it, to be honest. This photo is just to show the textures and prints of the clothes involved, in a more detailed view. Oh and the word truth written on my leg isn't just to make this photo look all arty and meaningful, I wrote it in the middle of Geography class at school because..I'm deep, and stuff like that. *cough*



P.S I made a you guys want to see a video? 

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