Saturday, November 20, 2010

harroween style (or, a bad excuse for a come-back post)

harroween, the great in-school event of the year.

hannah, as a boy. i overheard this conversation:

math teacher: oh hannah, you're a boy!
hannah: -.-
math teacher: oh hannah, that is very brave of you!
hannah: -.-
math teacher: brave...being a know...
hannah: -.-
math teacher: *backs away slowly, giggling in a nervous fashion until he is out of firing range*

this is normally how conversations between teachers and hannah go. i think they find her endearing/intimidating/amusing all at once.

yes. and i was a '20s flapper', basically an excuse to wear my flapper dress from century 21 department store in new york, WOO. i got many compliments, and sadly, it was like, the only time i got to wear that dress because after that it was put in the washing machine by someone....not using any particularly active tenses here guys...and now resembles something my dog tried to eat, then spat out. it's very very sad. pictures will come in time.


PS if anyone noticed how crappy this particular post is, well, i am searching far and wide the length of my room to find my camera/camera charger/ usb cable as usual. in the wise words of yogi berra, it ain't over till it's over. if that has any relation to what i was talking about at all.


you can tell us we're weird, its ok. comment away!