Sunday, November 21, 2010

a few days of outfits (again, prolonging the time before i have to get off my butt and find my camera)

 SO big moment, peoples of the world -- at least the, like, two peoples who reads this blog on a regular basis (myself and hannah, hah) -- i finally got a dependably working fully functional etc etc proxy. which means i can post posts with more than 2 photos without it failing miserably. this is the photo i somewhat half-heartedly (after much nagging on hannah's part) submitted for that teen vogue snapshot thingy which hannah won before. i have little hope for myself. oh well!
 these were all taken in late september/early october, i think, on a rarely nice non-lung killing day in beijing, so yeah. this is pretty much my version of summery.
 summery...see the flip flops? that's summery, right? and, you know, forever 21 malaysia sunglasses.
and the coup de grace, my lovely and beautiful lola. yes, that does sound a bit weird.


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