Sunday, November 21, 2010

fanfare for the common man

sometime in october, when the weather wasn't suicidal. fallacy couldn't be more pathetic than this.

the weird coat from 'T-tribe', tights (conversation i had with someone - person: where did you get your tights [while I am wearing grey striped tights]?? me: 7/11.. person: OMG OMG OMG THEY HAVE TIGHTS THERE?!?!? me: -.-), grey ankle boots from yashow market. amazing hair day, right guys? don't blame me, blame windy days.

 it got hotter and sunnier, much to my discontent, so the next layer down. neon yellow cardigan (sweater? cardigan? i don't know...) from yashow market, bag from zara, and shift dress from uniqlo.

note the awesome piano keys design along the side?

yes, i am fully aware that this is my third consecutive post day, but think of it as making up for all the days i didn't post and instead you were stuck with hannah for weeks on end! also, i was too excited with the finding of my camera/charger/usb cable to keep it in after complaining for so long.

naomi (if you haven't guessed already)

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