Sunday, November 28, 2010

a little while ago...

new H&M flagship store. what does flagship even mean? i just hear it a lot. it seemed appropriate for such a large store. anyway, yes. same building as zara, uniqlo, stradivarius, pull & bear, bershka, etc. new excuses to spend money!

i was under-dressed for a rather cold day. bag from zara, old navy tank top, sweater thing from alien street, jeggings from uniqlo, and pink shoes (better picture below) from yashow.

the aforementioned pink shoes.

me in my flying jacket from UNIQLO, bought in a moment of fear of the outside howling trans-siberian winds. literally.


...i took some photos and never uploaded them. the perfect ingredient for sunday evening posting, too lazy to do anything else. not that it matters much for a blog with the readership of one.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

second hand dreams

It's very cold. And I'm incredibly unsuitably dressed.
jumper from Armani, clutch from Louis Vuitton, sheer tights from a random department store, skirt from Next, shoes from Clarks
this was not posed, I promise! it was just a combination of my famously odd facial expressions and my general inelegance
Okay, first of all I would just like to say that my wardrobe is not bursting at the seams with Louis Vuitton and Armani, these are the only designer things I own, to be honest. The jumper (not sweater! jumper!) is a hand me down from a cousin that I've never met and the clutch was a present from my aunt, who used to work at Louis Vuitton.

the background is..a curtain. looks okay though, right?
I was kind of going for the prim, proper, ladies-who-lunch kind of look here. But, as you can see, my hair is not...controlled and prim and my half-asleep face doesn't fit the bill either. Therefore, I've decided to rename this look "insomniac housewife who's trying desperately to keep up appearances" (probably influenced by my recent reading of The Feminine Mystique - I have housewives on the mind).

I'm pretty hard on my shoes.

And, the perfume in the shoes? I did that because I thought the colours looked pretty together (and that, my friends, is the deciding factor in most things I do). Oh, I do realise that the blue tag thingy is still on the zipper but..that's because I'm fairly neurotic. 
Seriously, you should read the mini leaflet that comes with Louis Vuitton products. It's like a horror novel, only with bags/clothes dying, and not people.



P.S Too weird?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

fanfare for the common man

sometime in october, when the weather wasn't suicidal. fallacy couldn't be more pathetic than this.

the weird coat from 'T-tribe', tights (conversation i had with someone - person: where did you get your tights [while I am wearing grey striped tights]?? me: 7/11.. person: OMG OMG OMG THEY HAVE TIGHTS THERE?!?!? me: -.-), grey ankle boots from yashow market. amazing hair day, right guys? don't blame me, blame windy days.

 it got hotter and sunnier, much to my discontent, so the next layer down. neon yellow cardigan (sweater? cardigan? i don't know...) from yashow market, bag from zara, and shift dress from uniqlo.

note the awesome piano keys design along the side?

yes, i am fully aware that this is my third consecutive post day, but think of it as making up for all the days i didn't post and instead you were stuck with hannah for weeks on end! also, i was too excited with the finding of my camera/charger/usb cable to keep it in after complaining for so long.

naomi (if you haven't guessed already)

a few days of outfits (again, prolonging the time before i have to get off my butt and find my camera)

 SO big moment, peoples of the world -- at least the, like, two peoples who reads this blog on a regular basis (myself and hannah, hah) -- i finally got a dependably working fully functional etc etc proxy. which means i can post posts with more than 2 photos without it failing miserably. this is the photo i somewhat half-heartedly (after much nagging on hannah's part) submitted for that teen vogue snapshot thingy which hannah won before. i have little hope for myself. oh well!
 these were all taken in late september/early october, i think, on a rarely nice non-lung killing day in beijing, so yeah. this is pretty much my version of summery.
 summery...see the flip flops? that's summery, right? and, you know, forever 21 malaysia sunglasses.
and the coup de grace, my lovely and beautiful lola. yes, that does sound a bit weird.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

harroween style (or, a bad excuse for a come-back post)

harroween, the great in-school event of the year.

hannah, as a boy. i overheard this conversation:

math teacher: oh hannah, you're a boy!
hannah: -.-
math teacher: oh hannah, that is very brave of you!
hannah: -.-
math teacher: brave...being a know...
hannah: -.-
math teacher: *backs away slowly, giggling in a nervous fashion until he is out of firing range*

this is normally how conversations between teachers and hannah go. i think they find her endearing/intimidating/amusing all at once.

yes. and i was a '20s flapper', basically an excuse to wear my flapper dress from century 21 department store in new york, WOO. i got many compliments, and sadly, it was like, the only time i got to wear that dress because after that it was put in the washing machine by someone....not using any particularly active tenses here guys...and now resembles something my dog tried to eat, then spat out. it's very very sad. pictures will come in time.


PS if anyone noticed how crappy this particular post is, well, i am searching far and wide the length of my room to find my camera/camera charger/ usb cable as usual. in the wise words of yogi berra, it ain't over till it's over. if that has any relation to what i was talking about at all.

storage methods for accessories

I fully admit to having a very messy room. The floor is covered in clothes, pieces of string and schoolbooks. My cupboard is the size of a shoebox and so I've had to come up with alternative methods to store my favourite things-to-put-on-my-head so that they're easy to access when I'm shuffling around half asleep in the mornings.

 That book with the bow and (the pride of my collection of useless things) the giant paperclip is How Sassy Changed My Life. A really interesting book, it's one of the books I'm reading/re-reading (along with He's a Stud, She's a Slut; The Feminine Mystique and Girl Power).

This is completely off topic but if anyone wants to talk about feminism, email me! It would be good to learn more about it and have conversations with people who..understand it and identify as feminists.

Anyway, I don't believe this bow has been on the blog before! note- I may be wrong because I've been told that I have the memory of a goldfish with a concussion.



Saturday, November 13, 2010

I need to work on my facial expressions.

the classic "get this over with I'm so tired that I can barely open my eyes" expression
Winter has come, everybody. Kind of. Anyway, for me, I can no longer prance around in a summery dress with a bow in my hair anymore, oh no, I have to prance around in TWO summery dresses with a furry leopard print hat on my head. Such is life.
-furry leopard print hat, gift from grandmother
-grey scarf,
-flowery lace top, New Look
-rose patterned dress, Wudaokou
-purple-ish dress (I need to expand my vocabulary), Bhs
-black boots, Skechers
-flower pattern bracelet, um..Japan.
the celebrated "hey, there's a weird looking leaf! oh right, its on a timer." expression
In other news, I have perfect my DIY skills to a fine art, and have graduated from clipping one bow on top of another to actually using a safety pin pin the first dress onto the second dress. My creativity knows no bounds, world!

Okay, in all seriousness, I'm actually quite proud of this picture. I quite like it, to be honest. This photo is just to show the textures and prints of the clothes involved, in a more detailed view. Oh and the word truth written on my leg isn't just to make this photo look all arty and meaningful, I wrote it in the middle of Geography class at school because..I'm deep, and stuff like that. *cough*



P.S I made a you guys want to see a video? 

Friday, November 12, 2010

my tiny pink hat

the title is self explanatory, really.
I found the object in question while browsing through a market -the kind of place that sells wigs, jewellery, korean sweets disguised as medicine- along with a bow which I will...probably show some other time. Yes.

Bask in it's glorious uselessness. Because really, what use could anyone have for a tiny pink hat?
And to that I say...

It's the perfect size for the top of a soft drink can! (And, yes, that is Sarsaparilla, drink of the gods.)
That, and the fact that it's really quite funny to see the look of confusion on people's faces followed by: "Why would you need a tiny pink hat?". Well, I don't NEED a tiny pink hat, but I do like having one, just in case of emergencies (tiny people in dire need of a hat because it's snowing, cold chihuahuas, the usual stuff).

And this is my storage method for all bows, hats, etc. Stick 'em on a stuffed lion.
I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while, and nor has my absentee co-blogger *glare* but I'll be seeing her today, so I'll be sure to nag her.



Wednesday, November 3, 2010

pancakes, soy sauce and goosebumps

jacket from taiwan, skechers boots, AA petticoat, cache cache knit dress, Primark bow, market stall bow.

For consistency's sake, I've decided to try and make sure my outfit shots from here on out are all set in my garden. This was an outfit born out of a desire to wear something flouncy, an intolerance to cold and an irrational love of bows.
I'm especially proud of the double bow action going on there, I used my extensive DIY skills to actually clip one bow onto another. And yes, that deserved both bold and italic settings.

Okay, I was going to post more pictures as well as write a few more useless, rambling paragraphs, but my internet has a curfew and that curfew is fast approaching.
Oh, and my feminism article from the last post had a response coming from a boy in the year above me, Year 10. He wrote, and this is the gist of it, "Girls who have lots of sex can be called sluts, but guys who have lots of sex should be called something else: legends." I admit to having shrieked when reading that and asking the people around me how someone could be so ignorant. Well, okay, my words were more like, "How can he write something like that and NOT want to kill himself?" but in all fairness, how has nobody noticed that he's maybe just a TOUCH sexist? Anyone except me and my friends? No?
Anyway, I will publish this unfinished post and come back tomorrow to...polish it.



I have to start thinking of better sign-offs.

UPDATE: I'm back, everybody. Picture time.

I was told that this skirt makes me look like, and I quote, "a house". I stand by my petticoat.

my beautiful, pristine boots