Saturday, October 2, 2010

so i found my camera usb cable after approximately three minutes of desperate searching. also, un confession.

yes, i am wearing that coat. yes, the pockets are shaped like huge mittens. yes, i bought it in a chinese store with the eloquent name of 'T-Tribe'. and yes, i love it.
'T-tribe' is quite a revelation, actually. they have a wide range of plain t-shirts, and folders stuffed with pictures of things that they will plaster on of you. sort of like plastered t-shirts, another beijing brand. i got a black shirt with huge cat eyes and whiskers pasted on. it does not look at bad as it might sound.
i suppose all this is just me finally succumbing to the dreaded Quirky Beijing Fashion. especially since right after purchasing from 'T-tribe', i...wait for it...i bought a SWEET POTATO from the SWEET POTATO DUDE. today is a chinese day.


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  1. 27€ would be expensive for a German market stall, too - you could get sunglasses at an optician (google translate :) for that price...


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