Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'M BACK....crickets chirp...

hello. i, too, am back from the land of freezing yurts and cheap jewellery, inner mongolia. i have many pictures waiting, BEGGING, pleading, to be uploaded, but  sadly i have lost the magical device that connects my camera to the computer. well, not lost so much as misplaced so much as i can't be bothered to look for it under the massive pile of debris that is my room. yes.
but the best news of the day is...*drumroll please*...i finally, after months of waiting, have MARC JACOBS LOLA. WOO. i now have TWO (!) whole real marc jacobs things. this makes me happy. hannah can complain all she wants but she has in fact withheld some vital information.
that information would be that she has a louis vuitton purse! still in its box after YEARS!
and here we have the much-seen ad of karlie kloss and lola. i took many loving pictures of my own bottle but they would be..on my camera. yes.

ciao (i am deciding to be one of those really annoying people who say ciao all the time),

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