Friday, October 15, 2010

The Great Firewall Of China...wins again.

So, me and Hannah went to the ever-populous The Village, ostensibly to shop. 

This is mostly a picture post, so captions, in no particular order. See if you can figure them out for yourself.

My outfit. head thing which i was forced to wear from malaysia, star wars shirt from FOS in malaysia, floral culottes from bershka. hah. you know they did a survey with these great britain guys on fashion terms and, like, 90% of them thought culottes meant either a disease or a village in france.

Hannah's outfit (throughout the day she became increasingly, scarily grandma-like in posture and memory). -black tank top, black skirt for grandma(?), blue top thing from this random little place in the bar district,,,um what shoes? um um primark. just guessing here.

We went for the first time to the Village North, just opened, (designed by Frank Gehry, no less!) full of shops like Balmain, Lanvin, agnes b, Commes des Garcons, Balenciaga, etc. 

We also found a really cool bookstore with ENGLISH BOOKS, which had a lot of art books and foreign magazines and overpriced drinks. Bought Vogue Italia in 3-D for TOO MUCH MONEY *glare*.

We also stopped at the Fisheye cafe (cool place with imported coffee and lomography cameras). And Starbucks. And Watsons.

At Uniqlo, a nice fur hat and an even nicer facial expression.

Sorry for lack of pictures, for the few who have bothered reading up to here :) i originally had loads but i've had to shear them all away sheep, you know? yeah, great simile. so now the only pics are our outfits cos blogging with the great firewall of china in your way is hard. so it wins this battle...BUT NOT THE WAR. woo. 



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