Sunday, October 3, 2010

for you blue

 German hazelnut chocolate wafers are taking over my life. I just ate an entire pack. Anyway, this is actually an outfit post! This is not going to be a post in which I talk about solely food (and believe me, I could).

When I woke up this morning, I looked in my closet while half asleep and pulled out this floral print shift dress from Gap that I've worn twice on the blog, I think, already. It's kind of  blue-themed, and..wait, I need to tell you the outfit details, right? Okay, here goes:
-floral print shift dress from Gap
-thigh high cotton socks from my mother
-t-strap wedges from Steve Madden
-sheer blue and white striped cardigan from Monto (found in Wudaokou)
-blue and white ceramic bead necklace from a lamastery (like a monastery, but with lamas)

I believe I can fly.. I believe I can touch the sky..dun dun dun dun dun dun DUN DUN DUN...something away.

It was quite a windy day, resulting in glorious facial expressions such as the one above. Oh yes. Either that or I was in the midst of sneezing as the timer went off, but I have a feeling its the first one. I'm suffering from severe German-hazelnut-chocolate-wafer withdrawal, which is probably why (at least to my untrained eyes) this post feels kind of stiff. HEADACHE. NO. GIVE ME PILLS.

*sigh* I'm just going to stop writing now because I feel like I'm digging my own grave in terms of not having any energy, life, vibrance, etc. and you should probably go read Naomi's posts if you feel a touch lethargic after reading this one. Oh no. I just realised there are many other pictures underneath this one. Well, you're stuck with me for a little longer, readers!

See those multicoloured flecks in the blue knit-ness? They're cool. I'm inarticulate right now. And I just said cool.
Okay, so MAYBE "many other pictures" was an exaggeration. Let's be accurate. There's two. Here comes the second one!

Isn't it pretty? Every single person who has seen me wear that necklace has said, "But your clothes don't really match it.". Granted, I was wearing an Indiana Jones t-shirt for most of that time, but my philosophy is, throw a necklace onto it and go with the flow. Okay, I just made that up on the spot. 
And anyway, I have to go now, to attempt to wrap my tired brain around my thirteen pages of Chinese homework.

May the force be with you, my young padawans,


P.S I like Star Wars. Don't judge.


  1. What a beautiful and fun look!Love it!

  2. you looks so pretty and fun.

    your blog is interesting, girl!
    how about following each other? or maybe exchange links?

    much loves,

    Natalie's blog

  3. This is such a cute look! :)


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