Monday, September 20, 2010

so I found this site..

These are pretty big, but they're also pretty awesome (on another note, have got to find a replacement for awesome...any suggestions?) and I would dearly love to have these stuck onto my bedroom wall. Of course, if they were in  my bedroom they would soon get either water damaged as a result of my legendary clumsiness, or ripped down in a fit of frustration. I WANT THEM SO MUCH THOUGH.
But... *drum roll*

I really couldn't resist.
And, sorry for the slow posting but Year 9 (Grade 8 for you Americans/non-British curriculum people out there) has arrived bearing truckloads of unwelcome homework.Ah, the bane of my existence..

Music Philosophy <-- the site

why do you say goodbye, I say hello


P.S Nobody commented on my runway review... I'm guessing people don't like my thorough, considered reviews of fashion week. *cough*


  1. These are great posters! I would love to put them on my dorm wall. lovely blog :)

    <3 Alison

  2. Great posters! I really like these kinds of things with deep phrases from songs and whatnot ; u ;

    Also, you've got such a lovely blog! I LOVED your drawings; they're amazing! You've got a really interesting, eye-catching style!

    I'm definetely coming back again c:

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~


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