Monday, September 13, 2010

i tried to think of a pun, "suno or later" being my best effort, I gave up and decided to write this instead.

I have a confession to make.
I'm terrible at writing reviews of runway shows.
I know, I know, I'm a blogger! Kind of. I should know how to write reviews of shows! It's basically the main subject of many blogs once Fashion Week rolls around! And yet... whenever I sit down to try and write my views on a runway show, it turns into a over-written, inarticulate jumble of words. Therefore, bear with me, because this is a -drum roll please- review of the Suno Spring 2011 RTW  collection. Oh yes. I went there.
Let's start with my favourite looks. With (probably unhelpful) captions by me.
this was the look that, um, got me hooked. did not mean to rhyme there.
*sigh as dreams are answered in form of insane looking wedges and skirt-top combo with strangely appealing prints*
Cough. Anybody interested in the very first runway review on this blog? Here. Rodarte! Love. Vintage post.
Ah, god. All this technical stuff is killing me. Captioning, writing the post.. I am supposed to be a digital native, people.
I have decided that captions are not the way to go.Good old fashioned text will have to do!
The picture above is possibly the first bikini I have ever truly loved.
And the people behind Suno are actually really worthy of admiration. They built up their own company that employs Kenyan people without exploiting them, and transforms fabrics made in Kenya into the designs you see on the runway. 
I'm not going to over-analyse this collection because: 
  • It will turn into a pretentious sounding...blob.
  • I think this collection is really just about beautiful, fun clothes. 
I mean, look at these shoes.
taken from Style Bubble. Sorry..!
I have no words to describe these. Well, actually, that's a lie, I do have words to describe these, only they would make me sound like a crazy shoe version of a cat lady. 
Insane, beautiful, need-them-now (that's one word, everybody), omg those prints, curvy wedges, laces, CRUSTACEANS.
*breathes heavily* I'm done.
And, so is this post.

Adieu, mon copains.


P.S Oh yeah, senior school french really paid off, right? And listening to Cat Stevens, The Smiths and Hole. An odd mixture, but for me it works. :)

P.P.S Thank you everyone who comments! Seriously. Ooh and Beijing street style blog: STYLITES.
Beijing has just as much style as NY, Paris, London, thankyouverymuch.

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