Wednesday, September 1, 2010

giant paperclips and football games

It may surprise you to know that both me and Gnomester over there are
in the school football team. We don't exactly look super athletic, do
Anyways, its our first game tomorrow and I'm excited, so I'm posting.
These are basically just random pictures from a sleepover we recently had.
And since I like captioning things, but can't because of proxy
restrictions, I will...caption them here.
Photo 1: Attempting to do THAT face. Ah yes. You know of it.
Photo 2: I wake up, brush my hair, get ready and look in the mirror,
only to see...this.
Photo 3: You know those arcade games where you have a claw that picks
up unsuspecting soft toys, right? I HAVE BEATEN THE MACHINE. PHOTO
Photo 4: ...Naomi's morning hair. Curse her.
Photo 5: Doughnut bags, as I have christened them. Hideously
impractical, incredibly desirable.
Photo 6: Googley eyes.
Photo 7: Fake toasted bread that really disguises a post-it pad. I
immediately thought of spies.
Photo 8: The final one! And to me at least, this warrants capital
letters. SOFT FOAM CUBE. I have a kind of obsession with cube shaped
things that also happen to be soft. Like cubed Mentos! Those are

Gotta go write a story about fate for English. My hands already hurt.



  1. With the toast(Toast?)what are those fury things with black dots on 'em? More Spies?


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