Thursday, September 30, 2010

wild horses couldn't drag me away

As you can see, I'm back from the land of wild horses and, um, Genghis Khan. Also known as Inner Mongolia.
This is just a quick little post to announce my return, and to show you these sunglasses, which I loved.
Transcript of conversation with sunglasses stall owner-
Me: *in Chinese* How much do these cost?
Him: *in Chinese* 250 RMB
Me: *looks at friend and shakes head, then walks away*
I should've at least tried to bargain...
I did manage to find a blue and white beaded necklace at a monastery, of which pictures will be posted soon.

Gotta go eat my dinner now. Well. Yeah.


Monday, September 20, 2010

so I found this site..

These are pretty big, but they're also pretty awesome (on another note, have got to find a replacement for awesome...any suggestions?) and I would dearly love to have these stuck onto my bedroom wall. Of course, if they were in  my bedroom they would soon get either water damaged as a result of my legendary clumsiness, or ripped down in a fit of frustration. I WANT THEM SO MUCH THOUGH.
But... *drum roll*

I really couldn't resist.
And, sorry for the slow posting but Year 9 (Grade 8 for you Americans/non-British curriculum people out there) has arrived bearing truckloads of unwelcome homework.Ah, the bane of my existence..

Music Philosophy <-- the site

why do you say goodbye, I say hello


P.S Nobody commented on my runway review... I'm guessing people don't like my thorough, considered reviews of fashion week. *cough*

Monday, September 13, 2010

i tried to think of a pun, "suno or later" being my best effort, I gave up and decided to write this instead.

I have a confession to make.
I'm terrible at writing reviews of runway shows.
I know, I know, I'm a blogger! Kind of. I should know how to write reviews of shows! It's basically the main subject of many blogs once Fashion Week rolls around! And yet... whenever I sit down to try and write my views on a runway show, it turns into a over-written, inarticulate jumble of words. Therefore, bear with me, because this is a -drum roll please- review of the Suno Spring 2011 RTW  collection. Oh yes. I went there.
Let's start with my favourite looks. With (probably unhelpful) captions by me.
this was the look that, um, got me hooked. did not mean to rhyme there.
*sigh as dreams are answered in form of insane looking wedges and skirt-top combo with strangely appealing prints*
Cough. Anybody interested in the very first runway review on this blog? Here. Rodarte! Love. Vintage post.
Ah, god. All this technical stuff is killing me. Captioning, writing the post.. I am supposed to be a digital native, people.
I have decided that captions are not the way to go.Good old fashioned text will have to do!
The picture above is possibly the first bikini I have ever truly loved.
And the people behind Suno are actually really worthy of admiration. They built up their own company that employs Kenyan people without exploiting them, and transforms fabrics made in Kenya into the designs you see on the runway. 
I'm not going to over-analyse this collection because: 
  • It will turn into a pretentious sounding...blob.
  • I think this collection is really just about beautiful, fun clothes. 
I mean, look at these shoes.
taken from Style Bubble. Sorry..!
I have no words to describe these. Well, actually, that's a lie, I do have words to describe these, only they would make me sound like a crazy shoe version of a cat lady. 
Insane, beautiful, need-them-now (that's one word, everybody), omg those prints, curvy wedges, laces, CRUSTACEANS.
*breathes heavily* I'm done.
And, so is this post.

Adieu, mon copains.


P.S Oh yeah, senior school french really paid off, right? And listening to Cat Stevens, The Smiths and Hole. An odd mixture, but for me it works. :)

P.P.S Thank you everyone who comments! Seriously. Ooh and Beijing street style blog: STYLITES.
Beijing has just as much style as NY, Paris, London, thankyouverymuch.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

i'm just a girl, little old me, no, don't let me out of your sight

AA petticoat, floral shirt, oxford shoes, blue argyle socks. Oh yeah.

I braved the insects and flying bugs for this picture.
you spin me right round, baby right round
look at my socks! okay, they're not mine.

Okay, so lately I've been kind of...uninspired in terms of outfits. This is my attempt to get the creative juices flowing (that phrase never fails to make me shudder) again. Socks with shoes! Super trendy! To be perfectly honest, I'm just wearing socks with shoes because I hate wearing those shoes barefoot.
Having avoided the dreaded House Camp (don't ask) I celebrated by...staying home all day and watching old Top Gear and 30 Rock episodes.
Well, nobody really cares about what music I listen to but I've loved this song for a long time, it was basically my theme song for a while.
Oh oh, gotta go drink cocoa and eat honeydew melon!



Monday, September 6, 2010

i wanna be the girl with the most cake

no time to banter! this should be a relief for many, i am sure. anyway.

floral culottes, bershka.
t shirt, FOS (can't remember the brand)
insane fake eyelashes, present from my cousin
nutjob headgear, stall in malaysia



P.S Because I am such an awesome friend, I have downloaded and compressed her enormous photos, and therefore made them better quality. And bigger. -Hannah

what i do when i'm home with the flu.

hello. no, this is not a filler post so that people know i still exist until i find my camera usb cord.

as you might have guessed from the title, i am very at home and sick. therefore, i spend ages surfin usa and the web and the like, the moment the internet magically reappeared (thank you god, and chinese maintenance dudes).
latest obsession, apart from my new floral culottes from bershka (pictures coming)?
cassandra rhodin and her awesome black and white water color animal and woman pics. not to mention the holga lomo camera, but we'll leave that aside for now.
i tried (unsuccessfully, needless to say) to copy 'monkey' and some others into my art book. spectacular fail. mr peacocke will think it's original, at least.
now, off to mope around in my room, sans bed, con 'the diamond as big as the ritz...and other stories'. i love fitzgerald. too bad he got all messed up etc.


PS: ah, yes. the actual pictures would be nice, no? well, enjoy. they are 'monkey', 'icebear', 'hyena', 'gorilla', 'bird', OHMYGOD OVERLOAD THERE ARE TOO MANY JUST LOOK THEM UP ITS WORTH IT.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

giant paperclips and football games

It may surprise you to know that both me and Gnomester over there are
in the school football team. We don't exactly look super athletic, do
Anyways, its our first game tomorrow and I'm excited, so I'm posting.
These are basically just random pictures from a sleepover we recently had.
And since I like captioning things, but can't because of proxy
restrictions, I will...caption them here.
Photo 1: Attempting to do THAT face. Ah yes. You know of it.
Photo 2: I wake up, brush my hair, get ready and look in the mirror,
only to see...this.
Photo 3: You know those arcade games where you have a claw that picks
up unsuspecting soft toys, right? I HAVE BEATEN THE MACHINE. PHOTO
Photo 4: ...Naomi's morning hair. Curse her.
Photo 5: Doughnut bags, as I have christened them. Hideously
impractical, incredibly desirable.
Photo 6: Googley eyes.
Photo 7: Fake toasted bread that really disguises a post-it pad. I
immediately thought of spies.
Photo 8: The final one! And to me at least, this warrants capital
letters. SOFT FOAM CUBE. I have a kind of obsession with cube shaped
things that also happen to be soft. Like cubed Mentos! Those are

Gotta go write a story about fate for English. My hands already hurt.