Sunday, August 29, 2010


This is the second appearance of the American Apparel Multi-Layered
Reversible Petticoat (yes, I know the official name because I'm that
good at remembering useless information, and less good at remembering
useFUL information like, for example, homework.) on this blog, but
this appearance is unique because I OWN IT THIS TIME. OH YEAH.
My amazingly awesome friend Naomi C. Elegant banded together with my
boyfriend, DK, to buy me this (incredibly, mind-blowingly expensive)
incredibly, mind-blowingly swirly, puffy, twirly, springy, flouncy
These pictures really don't do it justice. One day (if anybody's
actually interested) I will do a video illustrating it's flounciness.
I need to expand my vocabulary.
To pay my good friend, Naomi, back, I bought her pretzels. And a curry puff.
To explain my odd poses, I was just following Naomi's artistic
direction. With a Ted from How I Met Your Mother thrown in.

-H&M Leopard crop top
-American Apparel Multi-La...this was mentioned earlier. Don't tell me
you've forgotten already.

I bid you farewell,


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  1. i love that top! its awesome. hope ull follow me xxo


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