Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the long awaited post with the creepy eyes

 As I walked down the stairs this morning (after spending way too long
trying to make my eyes look sufficiently creepy) I scared my mother
half to death when I blinked. Slowly.
I've only been awake an hour so...apart from being sleepy in the
photos, I haven't left the house yet. I'm just sitting in the living
room uploading these pictures to the blog while my brother plays XBox.
~not exactly sure where to capitalise... it's kinda like the iPod,
that one kept me up many nights wondering if it was the I or the P..~
What a wild, unpredictable life I have..
~dress, present from Grandma
~black Skechers boots
~black Primark bow belt
~flowery Primark hair bow
And when I say my dress was a present from my grandmother, I mean I
raided her wardrobe and saw this, was vaguely reminded of a Proenza
Schouler collection, and asked innocently if she would like to give it
to me.
Note: Ignore my manical, Joker-like smile. It's early. At least for me.
So, later I'll be back, updating this post. I also have a feeling this
is the 99th post.
Yep. Um. Comments? Anyone?
*crickets chirp*
Ok ok, I'll stop non-desperately asking.
And before I forget, Maggie from the awesome blog Lifesize Paperdoll has a giveaway! Go enter!

P.S I don't usually wear makeup unless I'm having a sleepover with
friends or something kind.
P.P.S UPDATED. with photos to prove that I left the house ^^


  1. you really go out of the house with this makeup :D
    there were just 2 comments/mirages?!

  2. I did :D because I wanted to do it anyway, and you guys wanted it too.
    I actually have some pictures of me like, outside the house wearing it.. I'll upload them soon.

  3. Ohmygod! haha! your eyes look soo creepy! but i love it!

  4. HAHA THAT EYES! Amazing. Like your blog. Hope you will become a follower of my blog too?

  5. Just found your blog and I am just in love with your hair and thought you should know :)

    xo Lynzy
    Don't forget to enter my giveaway, ends today!

  6. Love your hair. And that dress - amazing!

  7. Lovin' your blog. I'm following your blog just now. Hope you can follow back! thanks for visiting my blog!

  8. Thankyou so much for commenting!
    Following all of your blogs :)

  9. thanks for your lovely comment sweetie! for following i'm following too ! :D love the head details!


  10. haha those eyes are creepy but coool.
    love the dress!

  11. great post, i love the way you styled this dress.


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