Monday, August 2, 2010

I am officially an old woman in everyone's eyes

I still have no camera.
These artistically astounding *cough* photos were taken webcam.
This is a pretty lazy outfit, I wear it whenever I want to look
presentable after half a day in bed.
Basically, it's a short lace top from New Look and a Laura Ashley
black skirt (maxi skirt? is that what they're calling them now?).
Of course, everyone I know seems to associate long skirts with old women.
Or maybe that's just my particular circle of..peers.
Well, it's been a while since either of us (Gnomes, and I) have
posted, so we're both really sorry! *nudges naomi*
Nobody has commented *sob* but update on that post where I promised to
wear that slightly creepy eye makeup outside, in public. Only two
people commented, but because I like pleasing people, I'll still wear
it. And also I've just always wanted to because it will be awesome to
see the reactions of everybody. I anticipate staring and concerned

I have to go..



P.S Those comments are called mirages for a reason.

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