Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The 100th Post

Decided to open with an image that will sear itself into your eyes forevermore. Another one to add to my Catalogue of Weird Facial Expressions.
It isn't a full outfit post because, I was in my room and my camera was low on battery so I was trying to make it short and sweet.
So, details?
~assorted necklaces from my inherited jewellery box
~puffy cat brooch
~grey wool cardigan
~white feathery fascinator

No, I can't tell you where I bought any of these things. Well. I didn't exactly buy any of these things.But that's beside the point!
The point is, this is the 100th post. Sorry for the long absence. I admit, it's been a a while.
I'm not going to make excuses, although I doubt anyone really noticed Naomi and I's long non-posting streak.
I have to get the hang of blogging again :)

So, I leave you with a mildly frightening image and a dull few paragraphs.




  1. Cool picture with your 100th post! :)
    There are 98 posts on my blog - I have to think of a 100th-post-cake soon or else nobody will notice the anniversary...
    I hope for another 100 great posts on your blog!
    Have fun while celebrating :)


  2. congratulations on you 100th post, Hannah!

    anyway, please do visit my blog http://ceenpee.blogspot.com/ ..and please follow me while you're at it. I badly need 23 more followers to keep my blog. please make it 1 less.

    xx, Channie


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