Saturday, July 17, 2010

watch me break and watch me burn

You can't really see it in this particular photo but there is indeed a fascinator on top of my head.
I coerced my dear little brother into taking these photos, and he discovered a natural talent for making me look drunk. DON'T YOU JUST LOVE YOUR SIBLINGS?
Anyhow, let's not go off on a tangent like....all the other posts I write.
This whole outfit (except for the rose patterned dress) was bought in England at various high street shops.
I should probably tell you all the details. The shorts are from New Look, the shoes from TK Maxx, the colourful lace top from New Look, and the bag from a secondhand shop called Donna Claire's. Oh, oh and the fascinator (which is white and feathery and apparently only appropriate for weddings, and not everyday use, I have no idea why but I don't care because I like wearing things on my head, if only to make my hair seem a little less boring, and this is getting long so I'll stop now.) was a gift from my aunt. She gave my brother 5 pounds, and gave me a fascinator. I think it was a fair deal.
Matter of fact, I'm wearing the fascinator right now!
Worn with that oversized grey cardigan I love so much.
I was in the process of showing my exasperation to my brother, as he couldn't figure out how to get to camera mode. Kids these days...
*cough* (not that I'm much older than him, even if he is a midget)
And now, without further ado, here is the only fascinator I own... IN THE WORLD. (I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm such a nerd.. Seriously, do any of you like Top Gear?)
Karlie Kloss has her arched eyebrow, intimidating death stare, Derek Zoolander had Blue Steel, Tyra has SMIZE. Me? I have odd facial expressions.
On another note, I do love Zoolander.
And ANTM is one of those guilty pleasure shows that's so bad it's actually pretty good, if you know what I mean. But you must, because everyone loves ANTM!
Well, anyways, in honour of my recent departure from beloved Sunderland.

Ta ra!


P.S And no, I have no idea why they say that.
P.P.S Can anybody guess the song that the title came from? I love that song.. Although, I have a feeling no one will comment *sad face*

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