Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Not Tao the brand, or Tao the model, but TaoBao, the Chinese eBay
(which was covered in an earlier post, I think, when I taobao-ed
Rodarte and it came up with the Christian Louboutin for Rodarte
Once again, I have searched for Rodarte in TaoBao and it came up with this.
From the Rodarte for Target collection!
59 kuai! I mean, 59 RMB <the chinese currency, in case you didn't
know. and kuai is like...slang.
For a reference point, 59 RMB = 5.6 pounds = 8.7 US dollars.
Which is cheap. Right?
And look at it. It's a shirt. Made from tulle. With bows.
Now I really wish I hadn't spent all my money on an Indiana Jones t
shirt and false eyelashes.



P.S Um, yknow, I do wish I could comment on everyone's blogs. But
because of the proxy issues, I can't comment on my own blog, let alone
all of you guys' awesome blogs. So, sorry. Not that you care. *cough*

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