Friday, July 16, 2010

prolonged self timer induced poses, fun

the title says it all. as i wish to keep from cringing at myself, i will type quickly so i won't have to see those pictures finish loading and turn into thumbnail form. 

*this is a side note thing. i have been trying to send this mail post about 2 times before and each time has spectacularly failed, therefore i have had no choice but to cut down on the no of pics and amount of words. third time lucky, guys? so anyway there were originally like 3 outfits but*

[this is the second side note thing. i discovered in horror how small that other picture was so, here i am again. not that anyone really cares]

tank top from either old navy
belt + dress from thrift store on upper east side

(i look like someone who just happened to walk infront of a camera as it was about to take a picture, while dressing. nice.)

please forgive me for these weird pictures. i will forgive any weird looks i get...

yours embarrassed, 

YAY! it worked! the powers of file compression! wow, three exclamation marks. im turning rapidly into alex chen.
on another side note, does anyone know any good online shopping websites? im bored of like, the three i know of.
and last thing, just want to say i can't wait until hannah comes back and i won't have to use the annoying self timer in irritating places and can take better pics in better places...

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