Tuesday, July 13, 2010

not...exactly miu miu

After these Miu Miu clogs (and these Chanel clogs, and..there are too many examples, seriously) , I became obsessed with all things clog-like. I stared wild-eyed at Topshop impostors and lovingly stroked thick wooden heeled imitations.
Except, unlike some, I have parents..parents who, despite constant protests, view all high heels as ankle breaking, feet ruining, over priced torture contraptions that I would never wear.
Therefore, these are a..compromise.

You may think they are hideously ugly, my brother would agree. He called them "the Porsche Cayenne of shoes", which, if you know your cars, is an insult. I bought them in TK Maxx (which is like..shoe heaven, btw. For broke teenage girls with size 5 feet anyway!) for 19.99, and I love the whole fringing thing.
It's like a flashback to hippies! I mean, it's either that or cowboys.



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