Tuesday, July 27, 2010

more tao et bao

speaking of tao bao, balmain cropped jackets for 36 kuai! beat that, rodarte! the prices of this jacket on the website go from 36 to 306 kuai, roughly. so using my amazing math skills...5 dollars, roughly. and 3 and a half pounds and maybe four euros. i think. 
since i have no idea how to navigate through the cyber streets of chinese ebay, i use the handy taobao field guide...just type in what you want and it directs you there! in ENGLISH, no less!
so i type in american apparel...ah, it gets a little dodgy here. taobao sellers seem to like using celebrity pictures to sell their products (look! nicole ritchie is wearing the SAME grey t shirt!), and the first thing that comes up is something that says AMERICAN APPAREL....H&M ZARA.... (the ellipses represent chinese characters). 
so maybe it isn't entirely reliable. but hey, this is the site that sells Jimmy Page dolls. tell me that's not awesome. 
I could buy from here too, if i didn't spend all my money on lace bicycle shorts and floral a line skirts and baggy sweater things and shirts with huge shoulders (pictures soon). 

ah and also, AMERICAN APPAREL IS SO EXPENSIVE. IT'S even more expensive here because of shipping and tax and generally profit making add-ons. or maybe we're just poor, cheap students (looks up at american apparel with puppy dog eyes) who need to be sent free stuff.


PS this being the 97th post, i declare that the 100th will be the joint one!!! the second joint post ever! it's ok, dont have to say anything, i can tell how excited everyone is.
*scream from outside and random man gets run over by incessant lawnmower*

PPS thank you Mary Lee for that nice comment on the post in which i quote the Who :]

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