Tuesday, July 6, 2010

jet lag...

Today, I walked into the Bridges (a shopping mall) and, amid a post- airplane fuzz, went shopping.
This is basically a filler post, while I take a nap and take some pictures too.
Let me just say: H&M>Topshop, for me today. Maybe it was just this particular branch, but I preferred H&M by a MILE. 
Anyway, I'll update WAY later with pictures and *in my dreams* witty, insightful commentary.

Bye! (English for being in England)


P.S  My brother got the Top Gear magazine. I must be the only girl in Beijing who likes Top Gear..


  1. Are you in England now!? it's Good isn't it :)
    Go to Middlesbrough! haha
    And I agree H&M>Topshop but if I could afford it, it would be the other way round!

  2. Yep, I'm in England now :) I missed it.
    And I'm stuck in Sunderland with my parents..T.T..though we might all go to Newcastle to see the Doctor Who exhbition (Doctor who nerd)
    Yeah, Topshop has cool stuff but I'm pretty broke haha so H&M is better *high five*


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