Monday, July 26, 2010

i'm comin' down fast but don't let me break you-uuu

I noticed that there are pretty much zilch blogs these days that don't reference some kind of popular culture in every post they do (in this particular post, I am using the Beatles as an...example, let us say). Including me and Hannah, I admit (Yes! Grammar!).

Anyway, before the innumerable amounts of pictures from the weekend come and victimize people, here is just a nice picture of…my feet. I am pretty sure it has not been seen before but, if it has, someone tell me and I will delete it in shame :].

Anyway, socks that I found in the back of my closet, and shoes from under Macdonald's.

Wow, I am not really certain I wrote this before. Okay, checking (Goes on proxy…)…

Can't find it. Let's hope for the best. Now I will go on picnik or fotoflexer or pixlr and edit some pictures in a lazy way, and try to finish my essay (entitled 'Etymology, Polysimy, and the Meaning of Life, so much fun), look for French cooking classes like the great friend I am, and other normal, non-weirdass things like that.


Auf weidersehen, Naomi

(For our faithful reader, "Zuckerbackerei" :D)

PS: wow...I have never used so many parentheses in a single post before...or ellipses... 

PPS: the bag in the background is the Northface, bought as an emergency bookbag for my days at school in New York, the white thing is a silk scarf from the silk market in Beijing, and those pink flats are from the department store in New York, Century 21, some Italian brand. I wore them in some obscure archived post. Just to say.

P.S Hannah here. I am vandalising Naomi's awesome post ( I love your socks. Shh.) to say that this is the 99th post on our blog! Woo! Right? Anyone else excited? Only me? ..Ok. And comments! Please? *tries not to look desperate*

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