Saturday, July 17, 2010

hope i die before i get old. (EAT YOUR WORDS, PETE)

this is just a filler type thing, to put some of the pictures i meant to..up. if that makes any sense at all. 
so, the hat thing is from H&M, i have never worn it despite its awesomeness and pink inner lining (!) chiefly because i look like an idiot when i do.
and the tank top from old navy, and the bandage skirt stretchy thing from strawberry (the awesomeeeeeeeest shop ever i only noticed on my last day in new york, sadly)
to prove to hannah something or the other, some like awkward pics for you.

naomi-san (sorry. karate kid is awesome. not the new one with that puffed up 10 year old and jackie chan eating fang bian mian, the awesome original. DANIEL-SAN!!!)

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