Monday, July 26, 2010

hello world, I'm your wild girl

Just watched The Runaways.
Cherrybomb, anyone?
Anyway, sorry for not posting.. Naomi came over to my house for two
days and in the midst of the typical teenage all nighters and
shopping, the blog was forgotten. And my camera was lost. Well, Naomi
accidentally took it home. But if you know her brother...*dark look*
I doubt anyone really noticed our absence, except for me! I count, ok?!
So, here's a close up of that bag that made an appearance in a few
photos, back when it was still chained and whole.
Since I have no camera, I won't be posting any new pictures until
I...find one. My dad's incredibly intimidating giant lens-ed camera
will have to do.



P.S Go down to the post with the scary picture and comment!

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