Thursday, July 15, 2010

cheap and cheerful

This is my grandmother's garden btw.
~flowery, black skirted dress from Primark
~bow patterned tights from River Island
~strappy flats from Taiwan
~fake snakeskin red bag from Donna Claires (secondhand shop run by the most awesome old lady, who remembers me from when I was about 2 foot tall)
The strap on the bag has since broken and the bag now lives inside my other bag.. kind of a Russian Doll situation, right? (I think I got it from my dad. He keeps camera cases inside camera cases inside camera cases..*cough* I'M NORMAL.)
Running away from the camera..
May I just say that I love salt and vinegar crisps. And fish and chips. And no censoring of the internet. And the giant, discounted shops. Oh, England, I'll miss you! Leaving on Saturday at an unholy hour, then spending NINE HOURS in Schipol, before taking a final 8 hour flight back to China.
Oh, and I LOVE YOU TOO CHINA. Please unblock Blogger.



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