Thursday, July 1, 2010

books, books, books, we like books in ca-ars..

This book is a collection of the most amazing apartments and houses in
Tokyo. Not amazing in the sense that they're gorgeous, stunning and at
the cutting edge of style, but amazing in the sense that they're
visually arresting and I kind of love them.
I mean, they're completely cluttered. To most people, that's not a
good thing. I (and maybe I'm weird. Okay, I'm definitely weird.) like
clutter! It makes everything feel so...home-y. Plus it means you can
lie on your bed and have ice tea, your iPod and a sketchbook within
arms reach. *cough* Not being lazy. And if clutter=convenience that
makes a good argument for not tidying my room, right? RIGHT?
Zaijian ^^
P.S Notice the gorilla skull in the foreground of the second picture. Awesome.

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