Tuesday, July 27, 2010

more tao et bao

speaking of tao bao, balmain cropped jackets for 36 kuai! beat that, rodarte! the prices of this jacket on the website go from 36 to 306 kuai, roughly. so using my amazing math skills...5 dollars, roughly. and 3 and a half pounds and maybe four euros. i think. 
since i have no idea how to navigate through the cyber streets of chinese ebay, i use the handy taobao field guide...just type in what you want and it directs you there! in ENGLISH, no less!
so i type in american apparel...ah, it gets a little dodgy here. taobao sellers seem to like using celebrity pictures to sell their products (look! nicole ritchie is wearing the SAME grey t shirt!), and the first thing that comes up is something that says AMERICAN APPAREL....H&M ZARA.... (the ellipses represent chinese characters). 
so maybe it isn't entirely reliable. but hey, this is the site that sells Jimmy Page dolls. tell me that's not awesome. 
I could buy from here too, if i didn't spend all my money on lace bicycle shorts and floral a line skirts and baggy sweater things and shirts with huge shoulders (pictures soon). 

ah and also, AMERICAN APPAREL IS SO EXPENSIVE. IT'S even more expensive here because of shipping and tax and generally profit making add-ons. or maybe we're just poor, cheap students (looks up at american apparel with puppy dog eyes) who need to be sent free stuff.


PS this being the 97th post, i declare that the 100th will be the joint one!!! the second joint post ever! it's ok, dont have to say anything, i can tell how excited everyone is.
*scream from outside and random man gets run over by incessant lawnmower*

PPS thank you Mary Lee for that nice comment on the post in which i quote the Who :]


Not Tao the brand, or Tao the model, but TaoBao, the Chinese eBay
(which was covered in an earlier post, I think, when I taobao-ed
Rodarte and it came up with the Christian Louboutin for Rodarte
Once again, I have searched for Rodarte in TaoBao and it came up with this.
From the Rodarte for Target collection!
59 kuai! I mean, 59 RMB <the chinese currency, in case you didn't
know. and kuai is like...slang.
For a reference point, 59 RMB = 5.6 pounds = 8.7 US dollars.
Which is cheap. Right?
And look at it. It's a shirt. Made from tulle. With bows.
Now I really wish I hadn't spent all my money on an Indiana Jones t
shirt and false eyelashes.



P.S Um, yknow, I do wish I could comment on everyone's blogs. But
because of the proxy issues, I can't comment on my own blog, let alone
all of you guys' awesome blogs. So, sorry. Not that you care. *cough*

This is embarrassing.

I and my fellow blogger (that's correct grammar..I think. At this point, who knows.) did not in fact realise that drafts counted as posts. And we had about 5 drafts.
So, this is actually the 95th post!
And that previous post was actually the 94th post.
Don't you just love bloggers who can barely count?
Anyway, be excited! The 99th and 100th posts are very close!
*crickets chirp in the distance*
Yep, thought so.
So, I'd better get writing~


P.S Look at Naomi's socks. They're cool.

Monday, July 26, 2010

i'm comin' down fast but don't let me break you-uuu

I noticed that there are pretty much zilch blogs these days that don't reference some kind of popular culture in every post they do (in this particular post, I am using the Beatles as an...example, let us say). Including me and Hannah, I admit (Yes! Grammar!).

Anyway, before the innumerable amounts of pictures from the weekend come and victimize people, here is just a nice picture of…my feet. I am pretty sure it has not been seen before but, if it has, someone tell me and I will delete it in shame :].

Anyway, socks that I found in the back of my closet, and shoes from under Macdonald's.

Wow, I am not really certain I wrote this before. Okay, checking (Goes on proxy…)…

Can't find it. Let's hope for the best. Now I will go on picnik or fotoflexer or pixlr and edit some pictures in a lazy way, and try to finish my essay (entitled 'Etymology, Polysimy, and the Meaning of Life, so much fun), look for French cooking classes like the great friend I am, and other normal, non-weirdass things like that.


Auf weidersehen, Naomi

(For our faithful reader, "Zuckerbackerei" :D)

PS: wow...I have never used so many parentheses in a single post before...or ellipses... 

PPS: the bag in the background is the Northface, bought as an emergency bookbag for my days at school in New York, the white thing is a silk scarf from the silk market in Beijing, and those pink flats are from the department store in New York, Century 21, some Italian brand. I wore them in some obscure archived post. Just to say.

P.S Hannah here. I am vandalising Naomi's awesome post ( I love your socks. Shh.) to say that this is the 99th post on our blog! Woo! Right? Anyone else excited? Only me? ..Ok. And comments! Please? *tries not to look desperate*

hello world, I'm your wild girl

Just watched The Runaways.
Cherrybomb, anyone?
Anyway, sorry for not posting.. Naomi came over to my house for two
days and in the midst of the typical teenage all nighters and
shopping, the blog was forgotten. And my camera was lost. Well, Naomi
accidentally took it home. But if you know her brother...*dark look*
I doubt anyone really noticed our absence, except for me! I count, ok?!
So, here's a close up of that bag that made an appearance in a few
photos, back when it was still chained and whole.
Since I have no camera, I won't be posting any new pictures until
I...find one. My dad's incredibly intimidating giant lens-ed camera
will have to do.



P.S Go down to the post with the scary picture and comment!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

replying to comments: a post.

I'm sorry.
Due to proxy issues (if you look through our archives you'll see that phrase a lot) Naomi and I (OH YEAH, GRAMMAR) are unable to reply to any comments. So here's a post to reply to them!
Well, would it be weird to reply to them individually? I'm not sure what to do.
Hmm. I don't know if replying to comments is even normal.
Okay, so, I just want to say thank you to everyone who commented :)
Our little blog actually has readers!
Thank you Anthea, DustInMyWind, Zuckerbäckerin, and Foyin!
I love the dress too..although my parents did kind of gawk at the cut out and ask me where I was going to wear it.
And anyone reading this, just scroll on down to the previous post and comment. I kind of want to see the reactions of the general public.




I was bored, and instead of playing with clothes I got to playing with
makeup instead. Isn't it delightfully creepy? Even if the pupil is a
Inspired by that awful James Blunt song, the video of it was a delight.
So, if three people comment I will wear this out for a whole day. With
photo evidence to prove it.
*not optimistic*



Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It's really saddening when no one comments. *innocent little girl face*
I got back from dear old England a few days ago, and scroll down, past
the photo of me watching the hangover on the plane, and past the photo
of the really pretty sunset (as seen from the plane) and you will find
my new dress from New Look!
I love that little heart shaped cut out at the back, so that's why you
can't see my face in this photo. I mean, that and the fact that today
my hair is mad and my face is all puffy. *sob*



P.S Not to sound desperate or anything but is anyone actually reading this?
Because we keep getting more followers (THANK YOU GUYS BY THE
WAY, ME AND NAOMI LOVE YOU) but I have my doubts.. *strokes beard*
Also I think that nobody I know listens to Hole.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

*sniffs the air*

I've always wanted to come up smelling like roses apples.
My lovely parents bought me perfume, while we were in England. This perfume isn't high fashion, or trendy or anything, but, um, I like the smell. And that, in a nutshell, is my perfume buying criteria. Anyway, here's a picture of the offending scent.
My attempt at artistic photography.

Hello, Goodbye,


Saturday, July 17, 2010

hope i die before i get old. (EAT YOUR WORDS, PETE)

this is just a filler type thing, to put some of the pictures i meant to..up. if that makes any sense at all. 
so, the hat thing is from H&M, i have never worn it despite its awesomeness and pink inner lining (!) chiefly because i look like an idiot when i do.
and the tank top from old navy, and the bandage skirt stretchy thing from strawberry (the awesomeeeeeeeest shop ever i only noticed on my last day in new york, sadly)
to prove to hannah something or the other, some like awkward pics for you.

naomi-san (sorry. karate kid is awesome. not the new one with that puffed up 10 year old and jackie chan eating fang bian mian, the awesome original. DANIEL-SAN!!!)

watch me break and watch me burn

You can't really see it in this particular photo but there is indeed a fascinator on top of my head.
I coerced my dear little brother into taking these photos, and he discovered a natural talent for making me look drunk. DON'T YOU JUST LOVE YOUR SIBLINGS?
Anyhow, let's not go off on a tangent like....all the other posts I write.
This whole outfit (except for the rose patterned dress) was bought in England at various high street shops.
I should probably tell you all the details. The shorts are from New Look, the shoes from TK Maxx, the colourful lace top from New Look, and the bag from a secondhand shop called Donna Claire's. Oh, oh and the fascinator (which is white and feathery and apparently only appropriate for weddings, and not everyday use, I have no idea why but I don't care because I like wearing things on my head, if only to make my hair seem a little less boring, and this is getting long so I'll stop now.) was a gift from my aunt. She gave my brother 5 pounds, and gave me a fascinator. I think it was a fair deal.
Matter of fact, I'm wearing the fascinator right now!
Worn with that oversized grey cardigan I love so much.
I was in the process of showing my exasperation to my brother, as he couldn't figure out how to get to camera mode. Kids these days...
*cough* (not that I'm much older than him, even if he is a midget)
And now, without further ado, here is the only fascinator I own... IN THE WORLD. (I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm such a nerd.. Seriously, do any of you like Top Gear?)
Karlie Kloss has her arched eyebrow, intimidating death stare, Derek Zoolander had Blue Steel, Tyra has SMIZE. Me? I have odd facial expressions.
On another note, I do love Zoolander.
And ANTM is one of those guilty pleasure shows that's so bad it's actually pretty good, if you know what I mean. But you must, because everyone loves ANTM!
Well, anyways, in honour of my recent departure from beloved Sunderland.

Ta ra!


P.S And no, I have no idea why they say that.
P.P.S Can anybody guess the song that the title came from? I love that song.. Although, I have a feeling no one will comment *sad face*

Friday, July 16, 2010

prolonged self timer induced poses, fun

the title says it all. as i wish to keep from cringing at myself, i will type quickly so i won't have to see those pictures finish loading and turn into thumbnail form. 

*this is a side note thing. i have been trying to send this mail post about 2 times before and each time has spectacularly failed, therefore i have had no choice but to cut down on the no of pics and amount of words. third time lucky, guys? so anyway there were originally like 3 outfits but now...one.*

[this is the second side note thing. i discovered in horror how small that other picture was so, here i am again. not that anyone really cares]

tank top from either old navy
belt + dress from thrift store on upper east side

(i look like someone who just happened to walk infront of a camera as it was about to take a picture, while dressing. nice.)

please forgive me for these weird pictures. i will forgive any weird looks i get...

yours embarrassed, 

YAY! it worked! the powers of file compression! wow, three exclamation marks. im turning rapidly into alex chen.
on another side note, does anyone know any good online shopping websites? im bored of like, the three i know of.
and last thing, just want to say i can't wait until hannah comes back and i won't have to use the annoying self timer in irritating places and can take better pics in better places...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

cheap and cheerful

This is my grandmother's garden btw.
~flowery, black skirted dress from Primark
~bow patterned tights from River Island
~strappy flats from Taiwan
~fake snakeskin red bag from Donna Claires (secondhand shop run by the most awesome old lady, who remembers me from when I was about 2 foot tall)
The strap on the bag has since broken and the bag now lives inside my other bag.. kind of a Russian Doll situation, right? (I think I got it from my dad. He keeps camera cases inside camera cases inside camera cases..*cough* I'M NORMAL.)
Running away from the camera..
May I just say that I love salt and vinegar crisps. And fish and chips. And no censoring of the internet. And the giant, discounted shops. Oh, England, I'll miss you! Leaving on Saturday at an unholy hour, then spending NINE HOURS in Schipol, before taking a final 8 hour flight back to China.
Oh, and I LOVE YOU TOO CHINA. Please unblock Blogger.



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

good camera, and for lack of a better word, crap pictures

leggings and trainers from tilly's (they came in the mail)
shirt from zara in beijing

Yes! IM BACK! but as it seems to be, everyone has left to various
places (thailand, sunderland, europe-land, los angeles...land,
shanghai land etc)
this is naomi , by the way.
the necklace tie sort of thingy was given to me by a friend, who now
wants it back (NEVER!). i got so excited at the purple bits on the
black chain, i thought it was intentional, then my friend told me that
it was from the purple hair spray she put on while wearing it, and i
was crushed. i got over it though,
the safety pin is there to hold it together after my other 'friend' .
the one in the picture eating a tub of haagen dazs, attempted to
strangle me ... with it... while i was wearing it. nice, right?
hmm...now im trying to remember what the other pics were (i cannot in
fact see them)
soo...clickity clickity to iphoto....ahem..
aha! my yummy sounding sub woofer. "love" with bass. what more can you
ask for in life?
lots of bad pics of me in weird poses,, unintentionally, if that means
anything to anyone, ... see theres one of me attempting to smile.
thats what happens. its ok, dont have to be scared and run away from
the computer screaming. the brave ones dont.
naomi, for once.

P.S (this is hannah) sorry for the bad photo placement, I have zero IT skills. 

not...exactly miu miu

After these Miu Miu clogs (and these Chanel clogs, and..there are too many examples, seriously) , I became obsessed with all things clog-like. I stared wild-eyed at Topshop impostors and lovingly stroked thick wooden heeled imitations.
Except, unlike some, I have parents..parents who, despite constant protests, view all high heels as ankle breaking, feet ruining, over priced torture contraptions that I would never wear.
Therefore, these are a..compromise.

You may think they are hideously ugly, my brother would agree. He called them "the Porsche Cayenne of shoes", which, if you know your cars, is an insult. I bought them in TK Maxx (which is like..shoe heaven, btw. For broke teenage girls with size 5 feet anyway!) for 19.99, and I love the whole fringing thing.
It's like a flashback to hippies! I mean, it's either that or cowboys.



Saturday, July 10, 2010

he's a man of wealth and tights..

the title makes no sense, right? I started singing Sympathy for the Devil loudly and dancing around my room in these tights and a new dress (outfit post will come) so, there (I'd originally written 'thenceforth but...no.) came the inspiration for the title. That line of the song, you know? He's a man of wealth and TASTE?
My art teacher once recited a whole verse of this song, using it to describe a classmate of mine. Nobody blinked. They thought he had just made it all up on the spot. Today's generation... *weary shake of head*
Anyway! Both pairs of tights were on sale (WOOO) though the price - 4 pounds- still made my parents gasp in horror. Thank god they haven't realised that those purple lace tights I bought a few days ago cost 5 pounds and 27 glorious pennies. And, I'm just going to make a list for easy reading of all the objects in the photos.
~black and white flower patterned tights (first picture) from River Island
~sheer bow patterned black tights ( first, third, fourth and fifth pictures) from River Island
~M&S black school shoes
~my magazines! (second and third pictures)
Yesterday I took a trip to W.H Smith and picked up i-D, Dazed and Confused (Led Zeppelin reference= automatically awesome) and Vogue UK. Which had Freja Beha Erichsen on the cover. Who is completely deserving of the headline "Fashion's Coolest Covergirl' by the way.

Do I write too much? I'll stop writing now.



Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm really not a camera whore

I swear I'm not a camera whore!
My mother -who took the photos in a moment of..I can only imagine
insanity- went a bit trigger happy with the camera. Or whatever the
equivalent of trigger happy is when applied to a camera. This is
Anyway! My parents, my grandparents, my brother and my entire extended
family (English side, anyway) all seem to agree that my outfit here is
very 60's. I hadn't noticed until they all commented on it, mostly I
was enjoying tucking in my shirt for something OTHER than school for
once. There seems to be a stigma attached to tucking in your shirt,
but honestly? I love doing it! Especially with waist-banded skirts (I
have a feeling that that's not a word..). I mean, as long as its not
mandatory or enforced by all-seeing teachers...
So, what am I wearing?
~H&M skirt
~Tammy Girl checked shirt
~M&S black school shoes (to replace my old ones which were falling
apart- literally)
~necklace from my great aunt
~bag from chinese market (near The Zoo) Not the actual Zoo, the giant
clothes market in Xidan called The Zoo. Just to clear up any confusion
Okay, I know my clothes aren't from "cool" brands (right now, they're
all from typical high street 'fast fashion' labels) but...I like them.
Fashion is supposed to make you happy, right?
On a similar note, I just bought floral lacy purple tights from, um,
Wilkinsons, which is probably not a very fashion-y place.. *pictures
will come*
Well, to finish off the nerdiness, I would just like to say that the
Doctor Who exhibition looks AWESOME.
See ya,
P.S I love England. They have magazines....*jeremy clarkson pause* IN
ENGLISH. So I can actually read them! Not to mention, I almost bought
i-D, Dazed and Confused, Wonderland and 10 today at W.H Smith. However
my mum convinced me they would be too heavy to bring back to the
guesthouse so...I'll go buy them another day ^-^

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

not the promised shopping trip post

This is mad. I can't figure out how to lay out these photos and for some reason my words are coming out blue and underlined..?
Oh I see, they were linked! Okay, that problem solved, let's get onto the post. 
Seeing as this is a holiday, and I've had to pack my suitcase very quickly, I don't exactly have the best clothes so my outfit here is pretty simple. 
~purple converse (not fake, suprisingly)
~rose patterned dress from wudaokou
~ (not pictured in the main outfit post because I found it after I took the picture, and I'm pretty lazy) leopard print furry hat from..my grandmother.
Aren't grandmothers awesome?

P.S I apologise for the pictures.. I'm mystified as to how to move them without ruining everything else.



PS i love naomi shes so awesome for fixing this post i worship her