Thursday, June 24, 2010

what's puzzling you is the nature of my game (or, my day of avoiding physical activity)

The temperature outside is causing flashbacks of hot, hot singapore.
Honestly, I prefer winter. You can wear layers, and theres
more...options, if you know what I mean. In summer, you try to add too
much to an outfit and it all comes crashing down in a sticky,
sweltering mess.
So, here's a summer outfit post!

-no brand rose patterned dress from wudaokou
-no brand flowered skirt from wudaokou
-ribbon culled from a random present to my brother
-steve madden heels (not mine, in case you were wondering)

let me tell you, I love wudaokou for clothes shopping. The dress and
the skirt combined cost me 90 kuai, and although they're a touch too
short (resulting in a constant fear of flashing unsuspecting passers
by *sob*), I really like them. I don't own many floral things, see.

And what exactly did I do today, you ask?
Well, in the morning I felt sick, no doubt as a result of the forced
participation in climbing activities that would happen to my
classmates later in the day at school. As I was sick, I stayed home
and reveled in the freedom to wear what I want and finish watching
Season 4 of 30 Rock. *NOTE* Do not buy it yet. It's still missing

Oh and since technically, I'm not allowed to be on the computer till
7pm, and it is... 5:27pm, and my dear, loving mother is rapidly


Hannah ^^


  1. Haha I like too (Im not the one in the pics) :D


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