Tuesday, June 1, 2010

shes a superfreak, superfreak, shes superfreaky

little miss sunshine, anyone?
anyways, enjoy this picture of the only TRUE way to wear nerd glasses.
and, naomi, Beijing has Comptoirs de France. The place with the
sinfully good hot chocolate. *reminisces*
It also has a culture where the cashiers don't care (wink wink) and
it's depressingly easy to be best friends forever with mentally
challenged Chinese trisquillionaires (that is a word, people). Ooh,
and over in the big apple, do you have DVD's for 10 kuai?! DO YOU?
Didn't think so.
And can you buy Wii games for 5 kuai, way before they're released
anywhere else? Gonna have to cut my tirade short, there, because my
hot water is dangerously close to running out.

Til next we meet...


P.S Shoot, I just realised I did that thing where my post is basically
a letter to Naomi again..
Hope ya dont mind, my dear readers.

*there's a reason the comments are called mirages*

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