Wednesday, June 2, 2010

'the power of VLE lets me erect this monument...' she said, while they stared at her with increasing contempt. she coughed. the moment passed.

photo courtesy of kongzi house via the VLE. outfit styled by hannah smith & erin zou, makeup and hair by. zozo.
OMG OMG PSH PSH AHG AHG. i just had what can only be described as a genius idea, modestly speaking. hannah will know what it is when she checks her e-mail. hehe. he. hehe.
nomi +A
PS ooh i just realized the top is newspaper. not bad for a rookie, herin. not bad.
PPS and the belt is a tie! im really not very observant am i...?
PPPS this is cool. an original unedited quote from the model, below:
"hey i actually have nice legs sorry im just pointing it out and ewww my hair was messed up and my make up  MY MAKE UP zozo did it *sigh* i actually only like the jacket and the newspaper bit if u looked closely at the skirt ITS FUGLY!"

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