Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a picture for you

I am speechless with outrage at the slurs against my legs, and against
my beloved Beijing. (Didya hear that, government? I love Beijing! Now
will you unblock Blogger...?)
This picture is to calm me down.
Isn't the combination of an awesome Beatles t-shirt, iPod-ness, and a
short kid from Manchester soothing?
Ooh, my day just got better. I'm being offered an oversized thin grey
cardigan. For free! I can't take it though, I would feel way too
guilty, seeing as I've done nothing to deserve it. Ah...letting a 500
kuai Japanese cardigan slip through my fingers..
Damn my screaming conscience.
I'll be back in two secs with more pictures and a REBUTTAL, naomi, you
hear that? A REBUTTAL.


P.S If anybody ever reads this..comment and tell me if I should take
it. I'm torn.

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