Monday, June 28, 2010

one of these days these SHOES are gonna walk all over you

Found these in the shoe cupboard while exploring it in a moment of
particular boredom.
Don't you just love them?


P.S (sorry for the short, non-rambly (though I guess that's a good
thing) post, I have to go study. Yes, study. Chinese and Maths, if
you're interested. *sob*. wait I just put brackets (or parentheses,
whatever you call them) inside brackets. And I did it again. Thank god
this isn't marked by an English teacher, because I'm pretty sure you
can't put brackets inside brackets. Yknow, this is longer than the
actual post. I'll stop talking now.)


  1. love these shoes...wish I could find a pair for myself just laying in a cupboard!

    also saw that you are teen vogue's reader of the day! congrats!

    love your style!

  2. thank you!! and I never expected to find the shoes, but Im really happy I did ^^


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