Tuesday, June 1, 2010

one more, just because I have to beat hannah in the # of posts :P

Stella McCartney Sunglasses for $40? Marmalade patent-leather Marc Jacobs pumps for $140? Gucci coats for $200? THIS. IS. NOT. A. DREAM. THIS. IS. REALITY.

Century 21. Huge department store selling designer goods. Financial District. I screamed. With joy, that is, not fear or something equally nonsensical.
I got the 888 sweater from there, and the Capelli flats (for $9!) and this PA (pure awesome) '20s style black flapper dress (pictures coming shortly - to hannah, READ. IT. AND. WEEP), and I got this purse thing where the zipper is a stiletto, and iWave iPod speakers with skulls on for like, four bucks.

I am totally going back.

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