Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i love you china

I'm just going to keep expressing my deep, deep love of China in the
hopes that they might finally unblock Blogger..
Anyway. Onto relevant topics.
In true form, I've fallen in love with two completely opposing looks.

Missoni and Proenza Schouler- Okay, let me just say that anything with
a 60's theme is automatically going to be loved by me. Even fifty
years later, the whole 60's look seems so, um, fresh. I hesitate to
use that word, but its true. Simplicity doesn't date.
Oops. Haven't covered the Proenza Schouler look (third from the left)
I just thought it fit with the whole Missoni aesthetic in term of print-y ness.
And though these clothes would be described as quite..loud, I would
wear everything.

Celine, Calvin Klein and.. oh jesus I've forgotten- Just goes to show
how good my memory is. So, this is the look that the media has called
'minimalism', the look that Phoebe Philo is the champion of. I know
that it would be near impossible for any normal teenage girl to pull
it off, but.. sometimes fashion can be fantasy.
And though most people look at the dramatic, ruffled, neon splashed,
beribboned 'confections' and say that those clothes are for
fantasising about, I think that sometimes it's the simple things that
are hard to wear. For some people, minimalism is just a fantasy,
because for them it would take guts to wear a blank white structured
dress and nothing else.

There I go on a random diatribe again..

Off to watch Glee!


P.S the forgotten designer MAY have been Giambattista Valli. Please
don't kill me.

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