Friday, June 25, 2010

*high pitched girlish squeal*

so, maybe it's not a big deal for seasoned bloggers with succesful
blogs that draw thousands of readers a day, but for a tiny little blog
like this, drawing maybe one reader (on a very good day), this is

Anyone know the Snapshot section of
Well, I submitted a picture with no real hope of getting selected. I
basically forgot about it (not that that's hard with a memory like
mine) and went on with daily life.
And then, lo and behold, I sign into MSN and there in my inbox is
*DRAMATIC PAUSE* an email from teen vogue!
I'm the 'Best Dressed Reader of the Day"! Or something like that!

*sigh of contentment*
so, its not actually been published on the website yet but here's a
little badge thing they sent me ^^ I'm supposed to link it to the
post, but...going to have to ask naomi to do it. yep..

sorry :D



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