Saturday, June 5, 2010

happy now, mimi?

And who was it that introduced you to the girl that played with fire, gnomes?

Anyway. After a long hard netball tournament (we played one game, in
which I sat on the sidelines and cheered half heartedly), I came back
home to find.. nothing to do.
Therefore, I took a picture of where I 'work', yes that necessitates
quotation marks, and my collection of band photos. I say band photos,
but I really mean pictures of George Harrison with the occasional
Paul, John and Mick. And the ever present Patti Boyd.

Oh, and, as I just KNOW you're all waiting with bated breath, I have
an outfit post. Just to make it clear, I do have a waist and I don't
make a habit of posing...oddly. Unfortunately, the insistent beeping
of my camera forced me to rush things a bit and now I'm left with a
pretentious looking picture.


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