Tuesday, June 1, 2010

10 pictures for you <this is what happens when I compress photos and send them via email. Catchy title, huh?

Seeing as how I can't change how the photos are arranged, I'll just
write a big block caption for them all!

What is it with me and 3D glasses? I always want to take them home.
Naomi..I can't tell in thumbnail form, is she sniffing herself?? Hehe.
An unnamed person (because she has protective, angry parents) running
through fountains in a..black coat. Jeez, this thumbnail thing is
annoying. I remember quite liking her outfit.
Orange skirt- let's call her Scarlett, and Blue skirt- let's call her
Superman (don't ask) in a changing room at Only.
Pink skirt, aka moi, spinning round and demonstrating the skirt to
bemused shop assistants.
Again, don't ask. Superman and me. Just thought the world might like
to see teenage girls cavorting in their natural habitat.
Naomster and pseudonym Nemo, in blue and pink respectively.
All of us! Assorted dresses.
Me, Superman and Scarlett.
Group photo..

I feel like a stereotypical teenage girl right now, with all these
friend photos. To me that's not exactly a good thing but.. oh well.
Girls just wanna have fun, right? <said in a helium voice

Oh also, needless to say we didn't buy any of these dresses as we're
typical broke girls.
What was the point of these pictures, you ask? To show you the full
spectrum of dresses available in department stores in central Beijing.
*not that we can afford any of it*

Ahh, wrote another impenetrable block of text. I heard on the
internet, no one reads the WORDS anymore. Oh well.

Die another day,

..does that make sense as a sign off? I haven't even watched that movie..

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