Wednesday, June 30, 2010

we heart color FILTERS.

for the people who didn't come to our blog because of the teen vogue thing (or, the one person who read us pre-teen vogue)

Hey, is it against any laws to take screenshots of websites?
No, right?
Just checking.

*sigh of contentment*

and I'm sorry, this is barely a post. I've had to revise all week..not
that that's an excuse.



Monday, June 28, 2010

no time for losers 'cause we are the CHAMPIONS...OF THE WORLD

That song is deeply ingrained into my brain now, because of my brother
playing it over and OVER again on the piano till I never want to see
or hear anything involved with Freddie Mercury again. Which would be a
sad, sad thing to happen because Freddie Mercury is, in one word,
Although really, I need to get this tune out of my head because people
keep staring at the oddly dressed girl singing a Queen song in the
middle of Carrefour. Straight after this it's time for some of The
catchiest song ever (apart from... okay, so it's not the catchiest
song ever. But it's pretty catchy. This has nothing to do with the
ANYWAY (I use this word a lot because I always go off on tangents that
are completely irrelevant to the main point), I drew this picture of a
photo of Michelle, or Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style (amazing,
amazing blog from Scotland). Here's the original article:
(I would hyperlink it but..I can't. Naomi, help?)
I think I use brackets- or parentheses, for some- too much.
Okay, I'm imposing a brackets ban on myself.
Yknow, I doubt anyone will read this. According to most of my friends,
people don't read blocks of text on the internet anymore. Tis a sad
time we live in.



one of these days these SHOES are gonna walk all over you

Found these in the shoe cupboard while exploring it in a moment of
particular boredom.
Don't you just love them?


P.S (sorry for the short, non-rambly (though I guess that's a good
thing) post, I have to go study. Yes, study. Chinese and Maths, if
you're interested. *sob*. wait I just put brackets (or parentheses,
whatever you call them) inside brackets. And I did it again. Thank god
this isn't marked by an English teacher, because I'm pretty sure you
can't put brackets inside brackets. Yknow, this is longer than the
actual post. I'll stop talking now.)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

"at least she tries"

I drew a magazine cover.
This time (unlike every other time) I actually used a RULER, and so
I'm rather proud of the Elle headline and its relative neatness
compared to my other...scribbles.
I kind of have to go, but here are all the of photos I took!
So. Yes.
Hope you like it :D


Friday, June 25, 2010

Ossie Clark Fall 2009 RTW. Models - orange dress, Alonya Osmanova. Orange top, blue pants, Alana Zimmer. Yellow(ish) dress, Tanya Dziahileva. Patterned dress, Constance Jablonski. Pink dress, Jourdan Dunn. I am not writing this in the actual area for posting because then the pictures get messed up. Photos Naomi.

*high pitched girlish squeal*

so, maybe it's not a big deal for seasoned bloggers with succesful
blogs that draw thousands of readers a day, but for a tiny little blog
like this, drawing maybe one reader (on a very good day), this is

Anyone know the Snapshot section of
Well, I submitted a picture with no real hope of getting selected. I
basically forgot about it (not that that's hard with a memory like
mine) and went on with daily life.
And then, lo and behold, I sign into MSN and there in my inbox is
*DRAMATIC PAUSE* an email from teen vogue!
I'm the 'Best Dressed Reader of the Day"! Or something like that!

*sigh of contentment*
so, its not actually been published on the website yet but here's a
little badge thing they sent me ^^ I'm supposed to link it to the
post, but...going to have to ask naomi to do it. yep..

sorry :D


Thursday, June 24, 2010

what's puzzling you is the nature of my game (or, my day of avoiding physical activity)

The temperature outside is causing flashbacks of hot, hot singapore.
Honestly, I prefer winter. You can wear layers, and theres
more...options, if you know what I mean. In summer, you try to add too
much to an outfit and it all comes crashing down in a sticky,
sweltering mess.
So, here's a summer outfit post!

-no brand rose patterned dress from wudaokou
-no brand flowered skirt from wudaokou
-ribbon culled from a random present to my brother
-steve madden heels (not mine, in case you were wondering)

let me tell you, I love wudaokou for clothes shopping. The dress and
the skirt combined cost me 90 kuai, and although they're a touch too
short (resulting in a constant fear of flashing unsuspecting passers
by *sob*), I really like them. I don't own many floral things, see.

And what exactly did I do today, you ask?
Well, in the morning I felt sick, no doubt as a result of the forced
participation in climbing activities that would happen to my
classmates later in the day at school. As I was sick, I stayed home
and reveled in the freedom to wear what I want and finish watching
Season 4 of 30 Rock. *NOTE* Do not buy it yet. It's still missing

Oh and since technically, I'm not allowed to be on the computer till
7pm, and it is... 5:27pm, and my dear, loving mother is rapidly


Hannah ^^

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i love you china

I'm just going to keep expressing my deep, deep love of China in the
hopes that they might finally unblock Blogger..
Anyway. Onto relevant topics.
In true form, I've fallen in love with two completely opposing looks.

Missoni and Proenza Schouler- Okay, let me just say that anything with
a 60's theme is automatically going to be loved by me. Even fifty
years later, the whole 60's look seems so, um, fresh. I hesitate to
use that word, but its true. Simplicity doesn't date.
Oops. Haven't covered the Proenza Schouler look (third from the left)
I just thought it fit with the whole Missoni aesthetic in term of print-y ness.
And though these clothes would be described as quite..loud, I would
wear everything.

Celine, Calvin Klein and.. oh jesus I've forgotten- Just goes to show
how good my memory is. So, this is the look that the media has called
'minimalism', the look that Phoebe Philo is the champion of. I know
that it would be near impossible for any normal teenage girl to pull
it off, but.. sometimes fashion can be fantasy.
And though most people look at the dramatic, ruffled, neon splashed,
beribboned 'confections' and say that those clothes are for
fantasising about, I think that sometimes it's the simple things that
are hard to wear. For some people, minimalism is just a fantasy,
because for them it would take guts to wear a blank white structured
dress and nothing else.

There I go on a random diatribe again..

Off to watch Glee!


P.S the forgotten designer MAY have been Giambattista Valli. Please
don't kill me.

Monday, June 7, 2010

part 4 the aftermath of my insane buying

ok, so.
-Revolver picks
-led zep sheet music
-revolver guitar strap and POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS guitar strap (the yellow)
-1950s or 60s ladybug buttons
-manuscript paper book
-beatles acoustic songs book
-pearl buttons, 1920s
-glow in the dark alien picks


a cafe so hip the milkshakes are not just milkshakes on the menu, but haagen dazs milkshakes.

The Chelsea Hotel. Or Hotel Chelsea. Either way, where Sid Vicious OD'd and died.
next stop on the list of 'venues in manhattan where rock stars died' -- the dakota!!

pinkberry, again, 'nuff said. and a hotel with portholes! I. Want. In.

part two: flea market (it was closing down, future trips will have to be made)

if i should die, think only this of me: that there's some corner of a foreign field that is forever China *sob*.

and awesome eggshell bubbly type boots SIZE FIVE GODDAMNIT.

bagsies. 'nuff said.

hallelujah chorus ... leather jackets galore.

sparkly and silky and fluffy and scratchy things galore. not fun without a friend, though.


the awesome buttons. which i will use some of in the dresses. they are perfect for them.