Saturday, May 29, 2010

they're selling postcards of the hanging..

Okay, half-asleep (hyphen needed?) so keeping this as short as I can.
Or, in other words, this will be a slightly less rambly post than

Photo 1: How I wanted to steal these glasses from the IMAX cinema..
What kind of person doesn't love glasses that cover half your face in
an oddly shaped shadow AND make cinema screens pop out?
~model is a friend who shall not be named~

Photo 2: Ooh, I'm like a moth to an odd, unflattering flame. These
look good on no one. I don't particularly care. Simple fact is, they
are awesome. I know, my descriptive skills know no bounds.

Photo 3: It's been a hard day's night..and I've been working like a
dog. Owned by T. Leung, he of the annoyingly good at everything camp.
Shortly after this picture was taken, T. Leung's body was found,
stripped of his t shirt. Interestingly, nothing else was taken.

Photo 4: Notice the piercing, model-esque stare of Tommy W.
Surprisingly, he doesn't enjoy being accosted by manical girls trying
to take a closer look at his clothing. This t shirt was apparently
bought at Shin Kong Place, instantly rendering it completely
unattainable. For those of you who don't know what Shin Kong Place is,
it's a super high-end department store where people walk round going
"Oh my, look, that tweed jacket is only 45,000 RMB, what a bargain!".
Not EXACTLY my scene, yknow?

Got revising to do. Let's hope this little update kept our
hungry-for-more readers satisfied.
Only joking, I know full well we have zero people checking up on this blog.


P.S Whenever I see a blog with zero comments and an air of
desperation, I feel sad. All this blog is missing is an air of
desperation :D
Until then, there is hope!

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