Monday, May 31, 2010

the post no one's been waiting for! yes, it's still me. *glares at imaginary hannah for not posting* pah. sheer laziness.

picture yi - hannah's over-accessorized self, wearing rich chinese dictator's - er, director's, sorry - shoes, skull 'n crossbones belt, and ill-fitting jacket. all this was found stuffed into a GUCCI (!) carrier bag, yes, it was real. this is the boy who complains for getting 'only' 40K for chinese new year hong bao (red packet).
picture er - sharing a lemon lollipop that i oh so generously handed to them. wearing school uniform, lo and behold.
picture san - person in clothes. observe and comment, imaginary readers. book day at school, she came in as erin from 'grief girl' and left as nancy as in sid and nancy. radical.

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