Monday, May 31, 2010

more outfits because i have nothing better to this legal?

A better picture of Zara skirt mentioned below, also taken in Bali.
Below: coffee from Joe The Art Of Coffee at Grand Central. Beijing doesn't have Joe, now, does it?
The giant Target store at Times Square. Yeah, yeah, I know, but i haven't been inside, mind you. Not yet, anyway.
Below: Someone's foot in someone's mother's shoe. I'm pretty sure this is Hannah's leg because mine's not that fat (whereupon I make a fool of myself when it turns out the leg is, in fact, belonging to moi. mon dieu!).

Hannah on swings at Riviera, Beijing's equivalent of the Stepford Wives' dwelling, only much, much worse. She is wearing the free coat from Wang Jing (Beijing's koreatown).
A bad picture of me in Bali, wearing a grey t shirt and that red skirt from Zara everyone loves and hates me for.

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